Steve Vall                                                                   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, 6/2/2014 TPSCO LLC


TPSCO Announces Acquisition of Turnpoint Solutions

TPSCO has completed the purchase of Turnpoint Solutions from 5 Point Partners.  The companies will remain independent but will share technical assets and resources.

Denver, CO: TPSCO LLC today announced the acquisition of Turnpoint Solutions from 5 Point Partners LLC.Turnpoint Solutions has experienced significant growth in implementing operational maintenance and barrier modeling data visualization software in the oil and gas industry.  TPSCO continues to drive growth with its OpenPoynt financial and operational reporting platform for asset intensive industries like mining and transportation.  The combined company will be able to provide world class business intelligence data visualization plus leading edge financial and operational reporting from across multiple complex systems and operations.

“We are really excited about building on these two innovative companies technical acumen.  We anticipate combining research and development operations and assets, combining delivery teams as appropriate, yet maintaining individual company focus in their respective industries ”, says Steve Vall, President of TPSCO LLC.  “We will continue to operate as Turnpoint Solutions in the oil and gas industry and TPSCO LLC in the mining and transport industries.  Operating this way will allow us to build on our industry focus and leverage our unique portfolio of technical assets and capabilities.”


About TPSCO LLC:  TPSCO LLC is a software and technology services company focused on providing real time financial and operational reporting and business intelligence to asset intensive industries.

About Turnpoint Solutions:Turnpoint Solutions’ technology and services deliver the strategic integration of people, process and technology in the areas of complex asset maintenance and risk management for the oil and gas industry.