Assessments Offer Deeper Investigation and Analysis 

The TPSCO Assessment service is a comprehensive analysis into a specified technological landscape including up to two qualified sites, two ERPs, two BI systems, OpenPoynt and MinePoynt or TransPoynt with a subset of data. Where a HealthCheck simply screens to determine if the usage of TPSCO platforms and products is optimal, the Assessment identifies gaps and determines corrective measures. In terms of gaps, an assessment may also impartially identify gaps in the existing blend of software solutions and allow for constructive recommendations to enable baseline improvements.

Understanding the ecosystem in relation to the OpenPoynt platform and correlated products and achieving future state goals is a primary objective that enables financial and operational sophistication.

Assessment Approach 

  • Inventory
    Understanding the current state ecosystem with an outline of known challenges is the right place to begin the process
  • Current State Assessment
    Mapping known system types, architecture, integrations and other related components in conjunction with user stories/use cases ensures a comprehensive baseline
  • Future State with Gap Analysis 
  • C-Suite and Executive Recommendations 

The TPSCO HealthCheck typically is a 4-6 week process with an executive presentation as the capstone. Ask us about an Assessment today.


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