Mining Industry

MinePoynt KPIs, Dashboards and Reports Out-of-the-Box

Businesses today have loads of data, but the availability from an increasing number of sources is a complicating factor. While most organizations appreciate the potential benefits expanses of data can reap, many face difficulties effectively turning information into actionable insights.

TPSCO's OpenPoynt and MinePoynt products offer comprehensive KPIs, dashboards and reporting analysis capabilities for the global mining industry. These unique TPSCO tools enable financial sophistication and operational efficiency.

Expertise in the mining industry yields unique capabilities:

  • KPIs for enterprise and site levels
  • Margins at enterprise and site levels
  • Costs per product per site
  • Costs aggregrated across sites and companies
  • Financial reporting, including cash flow, conforming to IFRS, USA GAAP, Canadian GAAP
  • Line-of-Sight from KPI to root cause at the transaction level


OpenPoynt and TransPoynt are Cloud-Enabled!

If eliminating manual or inefficient solutions is interesting, ask us if a 
cloud-enabled TransPoynt solution is right for you.