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The TPSCO Proof-of-Concept (POC) service is specifically designed for those who have a desire to push beyond the status quo and interested in long-term, mutual success.

The typical TPSCO POC bridges the gap effectively between how the software product is envisioned and how it will ultimately be used. Determining feasibility, capability and applicability are common objectives when defining a high-value Proof-of-Concept.


  • Concept Development
  • Proof of Concept Process Inputs
  • Proof of Concept Flow Diagram
  • Proof of Technology
  • Concept Completion

Typical Definitions:

  • Identification of up to two project sites or locations
  • Include up to two ERPs and up to two reporting systems
  • Access to a subset of data 
  • Selection of up to two TPSCO products (e.g. OpenPoynt + MinePoynt)
  • Introduction of up to one new product

The TPSCO POC typically is a 4-6 week engagement with a team-based presentation as the capstone and feasibility recommendation as the deliverable. Ask us about a POC today.


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