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HR Management Systems


As your business and people needs grow, you’ll quickly find that your payroll solution is insufficient. You’ll need to expand to a full HR Software that fulfils your HR needs, from hire to retire.

Explore HR Management


From hire to retire, get the HR functions you need to manage your workforce.


Empower your employees, increase productivity and improve workplace culture with ESS.


Reduce payroll admin and deliver accurate and compliant payroll every pay cycle.

Time Management

Eliminate manual paperwork and repetitive data entry prone to human errors.

Going beyond payroll with HRMS

Our suite of complete HR software help to make payroll and HR easy, starting from recruitment to onboarding, from employee engagement to employee empowerment.


Progressive HR that makes a real difference

Rise above the demands of an ever-changing employment landscape

  • Employee training management that truly improves employee outcomes.
  • High-impact reports that prove the value of HR.
  • Medical claim policies, medical claim balance, capping limits and past records.
  • Help each employee reach their full potential with customisable appraisal forms and grading systems where bonuses and incentives are linked to the Payroll module.

Centralise your HR information and automate repetitive tasks

Track sick days, update employee information, and send out reminders and documents – all from one central HR software system.

  • Centralised, customisable employee information.
  • Easy to find and edit information.
  • Team planner lets you see who is working when.
  • Time and attendance modules for you to identify trends.

High-impact reporting

Prove the value of HR with high-impact results. Our selection of powerful reports help you understand and demonstrate the real business impact of HR.


Staff planning and growth reports

Appraisal Reports

Competency Report

Employee Skill Report

Exit Interview Report

Award / Discipline Report

Items Issued Report

Job History Report

Our commitment to you

Value – You want to improve efficiency and productivity, that’s a given. Our solutions bring a return not just a fix, and always a predictable outcome. We won’t let you down.

Certainty – Global changes, legislative impacts, market forces – you can’t predict what’s coming next. You can trust Turnpoint solutions to keep you compliant and ahead of the game.

Credibility – When making important decisions, knowing when to pivot and maintaining your entrepreneurial spirit, you need software that keeps you in the know with the agility to act fast.